Unusual long narrow house in Japan

Japanese design studio Mizuishi Architect Atelier, the city of Tokyo, designed for a couple with a child, a unique project of a two-story house. On a plot of land with a total area of ​​just over fifty five square meters, an unusual by design and ingenious in embodiment was built a long narrow house.

Crafts from autumn and dry leaves

With the arrival of golden autumn, most of us invariably begin to toil. Creativity will help to escape from gloom and bad mood. Many people like to collect bouquets of fallen leaves while walking in the parks. However, not everyone sees them as a material for great crafts that will decorate the house.

How to make a decorative partition with your own hands?

You will need to purchase wooden planks (or strips of other material covered with veneer), a pair of metal stands and a skein of thick, strong rope. Instead of one of the slats, you can insert a “slate board” - this is modern and convenient, for example, in a kitchen you can write down “tasks” for yourself or for homework on such a board.

Decorative wallpaper under the brick: types, photos, design

That is why designers love to use masonry in a wide variety of styles, ranging from classic to modern minimalism. In country style, as well as a loft without a brick, at least fragmentary, it is difficult to do, and the style of the gothic may require an entire room with wallpaper as a brick to recreate the atmosphere of an ancient castle.