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Technical progress does not stand still, and interior design is keeping pace with it. Planners have already come into use for a long time, which allow developing the design of individual rooms or an apartment as a whole using a computer. Interior design 3d is actively used among professionals. He replaced the outdated drawings, schemes on paper, models and layouts. Work programs on the principle of the designer. Dimensions and layout are entered. Then a stylistic concept, zoning, furniture arrangement is developed. By placing the decorative parts, the finished composition is polished. The program for creating 3D design carries out the necessary calculations itself. The result is an interior as close as possible to the present. Let's talk about the features of programs for creating interior design 3D, their advantages, disadvantages and nuances of use.

What is interior design in 3D?

To learn how to work with a visualization program, it is not necessary to be a computer genius. You can master the basics yourself for a few lessons or with the help of a simple instruction that is attached to each planner. Three-dimensional models help to assess the merits of the future design project and eliminate its disadvantages at the design stage. In addition, this option allows you to demonstrate to the customer what his housing will look like in reality. Volumetric modeling has become an indispensable tool in the design profession. However, the programs are in the public domain and for the inhabitants. If you are planning to do home improvement with your own hands from the beginning to the end, then the designer will become an indispensable assistant in this difficult task. Primitive, simple programs are designed for the preparation of 3D black-and-white plans, which take into account the number of floors of the house and the location of the rooms. Visualizers help evaluate the convenience of placing the premises and mentally imagine how comfortable it will be to stay in them. These programs marked the beginning of 3D modeling and were used by pioneering designers. In complex versions, "stuffed" with a lot of additions, in addition to the location of the walls, you can plan the entire interior, down to the smallest decorative details. Work at the computer will take more than one hour, as laborious work, but the result is worth it.

You can try your hand online. Many planners suggest using a test demo version. Most of them are free. However, developers also need funds for "bread and butter", so there are also paid programs that provide a high level of detail and are equipped with advanced functionality.


The advantages of design in 3D

Apartment owners are lucky if they are owners of rich imagination. Looking at the paper plan, it is difficult to imagine a special relief instead of a wavy line on the wall. And even more problematic to imagine how advantageous its texture will emphasize the simplicity of the decor. The process of objectively assessing the redevelopment of rooms in an apartment becomes almost unreal. The two most "complex" rooms in the house are the kitchen and the bathroom. They are equipped with a set of communicative lines, which on the usual plan mark schematically. Subsequently, this sketch can bring a lot of problems, since many of the nuances will simply not be taken into account. These difficulties prevent interior design in 3d. The program allows you to create an individual plan with the embodiment of the most daring design solutions, taking into account the peculiarities of style and competent layout of zones. In addition, the majority of designers when making dimensions, independently carries out calculations. As a result, the user will receive a full report on the number of finishing materials required for the design of the room.

Planners have found their use in the development of home interiors and in the design of complex production objects. In these cases, approximate sketches are not used at all, since the errors can turn into a catastrophe.


Design flaws in 3d

There are practically no drawbacks to 3D modeling. Such a situation has arisen because of the very outdated ways of working with the layouts that were used earlier. Perhaps the only controversial drawback is the time cost. To learn how to create a comfortable, thoughtful interior design, you have to spend more than one hour on master classes and training lessons.

Overview of programs for interior designer

Programs for creating three-dimensional models of interior rooms weight. From the variety you need to choose exactly your version, which will be convenient to work with. The functionality and set of tools in each program is also different. Some are designed for professionals, while others are made in primitive versions for beginners. Let's try to understand a dozen of popular planners and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

Autodesk homestyler

The work with the program begins with registration on the service or with authorization through the Facebook page. You can start a design project from a blank sheet, that is, start planning, or use one of the typical apartment plans that are presented in the catalog. In the gallery of the program open access to the finished work of other users. They can be taken as a basis for your own project or used as a source of creative ideas. The details of the scheduler are slightly above average. In the catalogs are presented various types of furniture, options for windows, doors, stairs. The color palette and range of textures are quite rich. The program stores information in the cloud, so you can work with it only in online mode. The planner is free, Russified and designed for decorators of the levels “amateur” or “beginner”.

Sweet home 3d

The program is designed for novice designers. The detailing is primitive, but setting objects is simple: just drag them from the directory to the right place. The planner allows you to create an exhaustive interior picture: from furniture to decor items. Unfortunately, the range of items is limited. Additionally available for download new catalogs on the manufacturer's website. The program is free.

Ikea home planner

The program launched a well-known manufacturer of Swedish furniture. Ikea has always been distinguished by an original approach, so it was able to distinguish itself here. With the program even the beginner will cope. Any room (living room, bedroom, kitchen) can be designed, arranged in it furniture and decorative elements. However, the selection is offered exclusively from the Ikeev range. That is, the program has combined the capabilities of 3D modeling with an advertising campaign. In fact, Ikea home planner is a visualized catalog of Swedish products. The program is free, of the merits they note an additional function - the calculation of the total cost of furniture

Google sketchup

3D visualizer released in two versions:

  • Google Sketchup Pro. It has broader functionality. Designed version for professional designers. For work with the program will have to pay.
  • Google Sketchup. A simple, free version for beginners. More like a demo.

Before buying Google Sketchup Pro, it is better to try a primitive version of the scheduler in order to evaluate its merits and identify weaknesses. However, even the program for beginners allows you to create a full-fledged interior: layout, color scheme, decoration, furniture and decor. In addition to the already placed elements add dimensions and markup. The simple version does not have such catalogs as professional in its arsenal. In addition to the interior of the premises, design development of the garage, landscape design of the site and even the street is available.


The program works only in online mode. To start registration, pass a quick registration. Unfortunately, the visualizer is not Russified, so it is difficult to understand it without school knowledge of the English language. The detailing of the picture is slightly “lame”, but the service involves planning not only furniture or finishing materials, but also communication systems, stairs, partitions. Available function walk through the house and view pictures from inside the premises.


The planner is designed for beginners. The program has a simple interface and a standard set of tools. The download function of the apartment plan is available. The visualizer is not Russified, however, even a person with an ordinary pocket dictionary who does not know the language can master the English designations. Roomle works exclusively online, free of charge. The function of walking around the house is available with an increase in the areas of interest in the room.


You can work with the service only online, that is, the scheduler stores data in the cloud and is not designed to be downloaded and installed on a computer. The layout of the room is presented as a sketchy background. The main focus of the program is on furniture and decoration materials. For any surface, you can independently choose a shade, texture, patterns or patterns, glossy shine or matte finish. The scheduler is notable for high image quality, as the furniture in it is used by real, developed by designers, and not by programmers. The demo version is free, to work with a PRO-account you need to buy a license.


Russian planner, which allows you to independently develop the interior and design elements of furniture. Available function of applying dimensions to the model. The additional catalog contains successful examples of kitchen design, living rooms, hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms. The interiors are already finished and designed by professionals. They are used as templates or sources of inspiration. The planner is used by both experienced designers and beginners. Free trial version only.

Astron design

The Astron Planner can hardly be called a full-fledged visualizer, since the images in it are two-dimensional. To a greater extent, it is a primitive program for arranging furniture and choosing a color solution for a room. In the scheduler add the size of the premises, choose the texture and pattern of finishing materials. The palette of colors, until recently, differed scarcity. More color variations appeared in the updated catalogs. The program is free, suitable for novice designers as a teaching example.

3D interior design

The program is equipped with wide functionality. It provides for the creation of planning, the choice of finishing materials, furniture, interior decorations. In the visualizer, you can arrange a small one-room apartment, a country mansion, a studio with conditional or actual zoning. The catalog contains more than 60 furnishing options and over 100 types of finishing materials. You can use elements for classic, modern, Scandinavian, Italian styles. The “walk around the house” function is available, that is, the user himself estimates not only the plan from the side, but also the peculiarities of the decoration from inside the room. Working with the program is quite simple. In the open access there is only a demo version. It is free and allows you to evaluate the capabilities of the program. To work with the scheduler further, you have to pay for the subscription.

Planner 5D

The program is highly detailed and realistic images. Before use, they are registered on the official website in order to synchronize projects with the server. That is, the user can work in the program on a mobile device or computer, and then edit projects online on the website of the scheduler. The visualizer allows you to design the interior, exterior and landscape design. In the catalogs there is furniture, decoration materials, decorative items, different types of windows, door stairs. For registration of the territory of the site using pools, garden paths, fences, lights. You can store projects in the cloud. Available function to make the size of the room. Also, catalogs are full of colors, textures, patterns and surface patterns. The program is partially free. Some items in the catalogs are "locked up" and become available only after the registration of a paid subscription. If the designer needs to carry out an ordinary repair, then a weekly purchase of the right to use the full version will suffice.

FloorPlan 3D

The planner is designed for professionals. FloorPlan 3D allows you to make interior decoration, exterior and landscape design. Catalogs are rich in finishing materials, furniture, types of windows, doors and stairs. The color and texture is “tried on” for each object. In the latest version of the visualizer, the developers added additional elements: penthouses, fences, walkways, street lamps, balconies and decorative fences. Also, a new feature - the creation of broken lines. The interior is being developed in stages and at any time you can “walk” around the room in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the design. Free trial version only. After the "sample of the pen" will have to buy a license for further work.


The review presents popular programs. If the user only masters the basics of design and modeling, then you should start with unpretentious planners to get a hand. Perhaps the lesson will not be to your liking at all, so free demo versions are optimal in order to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the visualizer and sensibly evaluate your own capabilities.

Properly designed interior design becomes a true work of art. It is invested not only with the knowledge of “dry” design laws, but also with a piece of the soul. If you approach the case with fantasy, the decoration of the apartment will be both beautiful and homely.

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